Love Notes

Have something nice to add?  It’ll be much appreciated, so please feel free to reach out to me here

Judy was amazing. She was kind. She was helpful. She was sweet and we could clearly see her dedication to yoga and to us – her students. She never ever made me feel like I couldn’t do something. She was encouraging and helpful. Whenever I had a position that gave me trouble or pain she would stay after class and she would make sure to teach me the correct positioning for hips knees arms and all else that was applicable. She was extremely patient and kind during those moments specifically.

She never hesitated to make sure I was okay and in a class of about 12-15 people I felt special. That is not an easy thing to do and yet she somehow managed to make me feel like it was one on one. The class was a nice group of folks and Judy started each class by making us laugh. I can’t speak for everyone but I felt at ease and relaxed and ready for each class. – S.S.

Judy’s assists are therapeutic.  Her touch is gentle, yet has intention.  Her assists always enhance my pose.  She doesn’t simply make a quick adjustment and move on. She takes her time, allowing your breath to soften and give your body time to fully release and melt.  – A.L.

As a practitioner of yoga for the past 8 years, I’ve come to appreciate really good adjustments.  I love the energy of group classes, especially when they are done in correlation with good “hands on tweaking”.  Judy Trinh knows exactly how to make that connection between what feels right in my body.  I always feel confident and supported when being assisted by Judy.  Her adjustments feel nice, strong and just right! – S.S.

Judy is delightful!  From a student’s perspective, I thought it was a good pace, flowed well, she was easy to follow, added a bit of humour, and seemed to be very aware of everyone in the class in case they need assistance!! – C.E.

Judy’s adjustments teach my body something new about a pose every time.  Her choices for how to place her hands on me are deliberate, yet gentle and feel custom-made for my body in that moment. – C.O.

Working with Judy was a remarkable experience.  Just is a very compassionate teacher.  Her adjustments on my asanas demonstrated both intuitive knowledge and thorough skills and experience. – S.N.

Thank you, Judy!  That was a very helpful workshop.  Even though I didn’t do an arm balance – the way you explained it, I’ve never felt so close to getting there! – G.R.

Judy radiates a warm, accepting, positive energy.  Her demonstrations were performed enthusiastically, clearly, passionately, and compassionately.  I greatly benefitted from and enjoyed Judy’s classes.  Looking forward to doing it again! – J.C.

Hi Judy,

I’m just sending a ‘thank you’ to you, you’re a wonderful yogi, teacher and friend!  When you adjust my posture in any yoga pose, I feel very grateful.  It’s like my body grows when the adjustments are made!  Truly awesome 🙂 – L.L.

That was the best savasana massage I’ve ever had!  I’m sorry I opened my eyes, I don’t know, it just happened! – K.G.

Judy’s classes are a joy to come to.  Her enthusiasm and energy helps motivate me on the days that I need it the most.  -N.T.

I have known Judy since I started yoga two years ago at Scarborough Town Centre.  She has been very helpful assisting me in poses and I have enjoyed the classes she has taught.  She is friendly, approachable, and made yoga a more enjoyable and effective experience for me. – S.C.

I look forward to Judy’s classes.  There are some instructors that, after a while, keep doing the same thing over and over again but Judy isn’t like that.  She’s always improving her practice and teaching and you can really see it when you come to her classes. – N.C.

Judy is a great instructor who is very attentive to her class, easily descriptive on the poses and helpful to those needing it and always with a very big and friendly smile! – M.A.