Initial Consultation (1 -1.5 hrs)
  • Please complete your intake forms before your appointment
  • Let’s define your goal and what you hope to achieve
  • We’ll go through past and present eating preferences, behaviours and habits
  • You’ll tell me about your current lifestyle
  • I’ll take about 1 week to mull it over and a list of recommendations will be emailed – customized to your needs, built for success
Follow Ups (30- min)
  • We’ll review in about 3 weeks (or more frequently, depending on the issue) to see how you’re doing, what worked and what didn’t
  • Additional recommendations will be made via email, about 1 week later
Grocery Store Shopping Trip (1 hr)
  • We’ll meet at a mutually agreed grocery store or health-food store
  • We’ll tour the store, pick items for the New You, go through easy preparation methods and have the time of our lives

Contact us for rates and availability.