Holistic Nutrition is truly an integrative approach to health and wellness.  From the nutritional perspective, we focus on factors such as:

  • choosing the right foods for you
  • bringing mindfulness to eating habits to support lifelong wellbeing
  • encouraging the consumption of a variety of nutrients, as well as where they are coming from
  • sorting out the facts from fiction and debunking dietary mistruths
  • etc.

The ‘holistic’ aspect is where we take into consideration the question of, “what else is contributing to your feelings of dis-ease and what can we do about it“.  While our innate tendency is to try and find the easiest route to health – to find that magic bullet – to weight-loss or to gaining more energy, our bodies are a complex network of systems that make up a greater system which can be influenced by our environment and the habits we choose to do.  As such, we may ask questions and address lifestyle factors like:

  • your work conditions
  • stress management
  • activity levels
  • relationships
  • etc.