Lavender is known for promoting a sense of calm and relaxation (which is why I called it "sereni-tea" 😀 😀 :D). ... ... ... Well, I thought it was cute. Ingredients: 4-5 lavender leaves or a 1/2 teaspoon of lavender buds - whatever you have on hand.  It can be fresh or dried. hot water …

Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit Tea)

In today's edition of "I've become my mother 😱", we're making some Chinese Herbal Tea.  Not just any Chinese Herbal Tea though, one I actually used to hate, LOLOL.  So, growing up, I'd always get symptoms of "internal heat" according to my mom: Acne?  Internal heat Sore throat?  Internal heat Stomachache?  Internal heat Coughing?  Internal …

🎶 ‘Cause we got the Beet, we got the Beet, we got the Beet (yeah), we got it! 🎶

This drink is spring at its best.  One of the reasons why I love rhubarb season so much is that its tartness really brightens up the heavy root-y, earthiness of the beets.  I usually like beets - and they make really sweet juices - but sometimes it just tastes like dirt to me. A quick google …

Pink Drink

I absolutely love the pinks I get from beet juice and this one has a pretty froth to it.  I imagine this to be nothing like the coffee shop Pink Drink, so be warned.  It is, however, pretty damn delicious (if you're into natural fruit flavours, that is). Serves: 2-3 Ingredients: 2 Asian pears 2 …

Mango Smoothie

I like to keep things simple, so really - this recipe is just liquid and mango blended up. You can create a thicker drink or thinner, depending on your preferences and mood.

Sunrise Smoothie

You definitely don't have to separate the colours and just mix everything together, but if you want something a little different, these can be prepared in advance - but the colours may combine over time.

Greens Queen

To balance out the junk foods and cheat meals in my life (because, hey - life happens!), I juice to get a super boost of nutrients to nourish my body.