Vanilla-infused oil

Here I go again with the Judy-Loves-Vanilla-bit 🙂 . But seriously, you can do so many different things with vanilla-infusions!  Here are some suggestions:

  • Substituting vanilla extract, if you’re trying to stay away from alcohol.
  • Use it as the oil in a vinaigrette to add a different dimension to it.
  • Use to moisturize body. (This is by far my favourite use!)  If you’re going this route, you may want to use fewer or poor quality beans (e.g. drier/older beans that won’t be fun to play with in cooking) – to cut costs.

  • 1 cup liquid oil (I used Almond, but other low-flavour, high quality oils will do just fine)
  • 15 vanilla beans (You can do more or less, depending on how intense you want the vanilla infusion to be.  I like to be generous with the vanilla bean, because it’s always easier to add more oil to dilute it rather than adding more vanilla afterwards since you’d have to steep it for longer for the flavour to come out.)
  • Cut all vanilla beans lengthwise, then into thirds.
  • Toss in glass jar or bottle
  • Pour in oil
  • Steep for at least a month.  The longer you steep, the more vanilla flavour.  Some people remove the vanilla pods after this time, I leave it in for aesthetic reasons and fragrance/flavour intensity.

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