Pink Drink

I absolutely love the pinks I get from beet juice and this one has a pretty froth to it.  I imagine this to be nothing like the coffee shop Pink Drink, so be warned.  It is, however, pretty damn delicious (if you’re into natural fruit flavours, that is).

Serves: 2-3
  • 2 Asian pears
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 piece of beet (about 2 inches x 1 inch)
  • kale stems (this is optional – I just had them on hand and the beet flavour masks the greens flavour well)
  • 10 cashews (add more if you’d like the drink to be thicker – I found this to still be quite watery)
  • Soak cashews overnight (this is optional, but the soaking will soften the nuts, making them easier to blend).
  • Juice pears, oranges, beets and kale stems in juicer.
  • Transfer juice to blender and blend with cashews to thicken.
  • For tips on how to make juicing cost-effective, please visit this page.

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