Green God/Goddess Drink

Fresh, store-bought green juices always look so pretty – naturally coloured and flavoured and the attraction is there but they can get pricey.  Where I live, the standard is usually about $7 and up per serving, so that is a little out of my price-range.  I bought a used juicer for about $14 and to keep costs down, I:

  • raid the grocers for fruits/veggies that are in season (because whatever’s in season is abundant, which drives the costs lower)
  • raid the grocers for fruits/veggies that are marked down (You often have to pick through them, looking for minimal imperfections like bruising, browning, mold, etc.  But those areas can be cut off and the rest can be used)
  • raid my backyard for wild greens (LOL, yup, this *probably* sets me apart from “normal” people, but things like garlic mustard, plantain (green plant, not the banana) and dandelion are all considered “weeds” but have healing, beneficial qualities like: dandelion for detoxing the liver, plantain for calcium and garlic mustard gives you anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats and a high amount of vitamin C.)
  • raid my backyard for stuff we grew ourselves (every year, we get this huge rhubarb plant that just grows and grows and grows.  Since it’s so sour on it’s own, we often run out of ways to use it.  Instead of wasting it, we add it to our juices to give it a nice, fresh, tartness.  We also have several varieties of mints – which grow like weeds unless you keep them potted.  We don’t, LOL)
  • use fruits and veggies are naturally watery because they produce a higher yield of juice: cucumber, tomato, watermelon, etc)
  • put all the pulp into a clean cloth and wring out any remaining juice

add water, when needed (LOL, the fruits used are often overly sweet, once juiced, so stretch a buck by diluting it.  No one needs to know!)

Serves: 2-3
  • 3 Asian pears
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 handful of cilantro or mint
  • Remove inedible portions of fruits and vegetables.
  • Process in juicer and enjoy immediately.

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