Citrus-Infused Cleaning Vinegar

Admittedly, it took me a while to get used to cleaning with vinegar because I initially couldn’t stand the sour smell.  My mom loved the vinegar, while I preferred the toxic commercial cleaners (lol).  While the vinegar smell dissipated fairly quickly, the artificial scents would last way longer and give the impression of “clean”.

Fast-forward to a couple of years later, mom still uses vinegar – but not to the extent that I do!  At this point in time, I have had more experience getting headaches from commercial products, getting skin irritations from commercial products and, well, I think this was a sign to make changes.

  • White vinegar
  • Citrus peels (e.g. orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc) (If I’m juicing, I get a whole bunch all at once.  If I’m eating the fruit, I’ll just add the peels to the vinegar as I go.)
  • Put citrus peels in a glass jar – go with a wide-mouth jar, so you can remove the peels once they’ve served their purpose.  I don’t bother cutting them, but you can, in order to fit more into the jar.
  • Pour some vinegar into the jar – making sure to put enough so that you cover the citrus.
  • Wait a week before using this infusion – shaking the jar occasionally and adding more vinegar, if you see some uncovered peels (this can happen as the peels absorb the liquid).  Once the week has passed, you can remove the peels or keep them in there.  I prefer to remove the peels once they’ve started to change colours.
  • You can either use it as-is, or steep new peels in there to make your concoction stronger.
  • Sink Scrubber: Spray kitchen sink with infused vinegar and sprinkle a bit of salt.  Using the scratchy green side of your sponge, scrub your sink, then rinse with fresh water.
  • Laundry softener: (**Note** Use only on dark and coloured clothes.  Using this on light colours and whites will stain.  The stains do come out with subsequent washes, but for lights and whites, I’d recommend using white vinegar).  Use infusion or white vinegar instead of fabric softener during rinse cycle.  The vinegar will help to remove detergent deposits from your clothes, making them feel softer.
  • Window/surface cleaner: use in a spray bottle to spritz onto surface and wipe.  (Check first, to make sure surface is compatible with vinegar).
Here’s a video:

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